Amelia Island Williams House
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Amelia Island, FL, 32034, USA
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Concours de’Elegance and Spring arrive on Amelia Island

March 14th, 2012

Each year we look forward to the second weekend in March when the Amelia Island Concours de’Elegance returns to Amelia Island. This year with an unusually warm winter, spring came early and the show enjoyed temps in the mid 70′s. Some of the cars came to downtown Fernandina Beach as part of the annual “road trip” and I captured some photos for our blog that are attached. We were full for the show as are virtually all accomodations of the Island, and had several neat and interesting cars brought by guests (Fisker,Morgan,Porsche). There is always a lot of car talk from both ladies and gents, and most are true enthusiasts for everything auto oriented. The auctions apparently drew some high sales, with the top car going for $4.4 million. The show itself was well attented and for the first time I can recall sold out of tickets. We usually are fully booked by around August or September as the show grows in popularity every year. Come join us next year for this amazing event!

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Everything’s Blooming on Amelia Island

March 14th, 2012

Spring has come early to Amelia Island and it seems everything is at least a month ahead of schedule. As of March 14, Azaleas are nearly bloomed out and all spring flowers are entering the rotation at a fast pace. Many of the flowers we often lose when winters are colder have survived and are growing again. Attached are a few photos of flowers in and around the Williams House.

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Room Changes at Williams House

March 14th, 2012

We have recently changed the room “Confederate Memories” to “Southern Memories” and have completed a thorough make-over. It now has a king size bed, new furniture, new draperies, fresh linens, and painted walls. Earlier we had added a column in the bath to make a more romantic feel. Taken together we believe the room is now on par with any in the Inn and recent occupancy suggests visitors agree. Some new photos are attached to highlight the changes. Come and experience the our new look!