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2011 Amelia Island Shrimp Festival Parade

May 4th, 2011

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One of our favorite times on Amelia Island and the largest festival is the Shrimp Festival, held the first weekend of May each year. Festivities begin with a parade on Thursday evening and it is the longest of the year at over and hour. Many residents, businesses and associations participate and awards are given for the best float linking in the parade theme. It is truly a family affair with many children participating and many more lining the streets to get glimpses of all the fun floats and characters from pirates to Disney type costumes. 

Of course pirates abound and the parade closes with the pirate ship firing loud and smokey guns and cannon. Candy and beads are given out to spectators and everyone vies for the most collected and greatest variety. This is our sixth year of attending and viewing from the Williams House and this was the first year threatened by rain. But, rain came just before the parade, stopped for the hour plus of the parade and resumed again soon thereafter. Once again the parade was dry and fun! Enjoy the attached pictures.

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Williams House Weddings on Amelia Island

May 8th, 2011

We have had two weddings recently at the Williams House with great weather for both. First were Damon and Janine who were married on the front porch, followed by Jeffrey andTammy who were married in the back courtyard. Both were small and intimate with Byron performing the ceremony and Deborah as official photographer and wedding coordinator. 

Spring is a great time to get married on Amelia Island with flowers of many varieties blooming and generally great temperatures and sunny skies ( it is Florida after all). We enjoyed both couples and feel priveleged to participate in their special day. We hope for much happiness and many years of enjoyment as they start life together.

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Williams House Guests Continue Setting Record

May 8th, 2011

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We always love to see guests return to the Williams House and the Goffs and Williams returned for Shimp Fest this year to establish a new record for guest continuity. It is the sixteenth year they have returned and stayed at the Williams House for this event. Same rooms each year….if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. And, of course already slated to be back next year in the same rooms for the 17th time! They are of course the dream guest for every innkeeper that hopes to create loyalty and enjoy the return of familiar faces and friends. They even share wine with us when we have a moment to sit and catch up. We also enjoy seeing their “treaure finds” from days searching the shrimp festival for that perfect item or piece of art. We look forward to next year already!

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Experiencing an Amelia Island River Cruise

May 18th, 2011

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We recently had friends visiting from North Carolina and arranged for a river cruise to treat them to local views and history. We’ve been several times and are always impressed by learning something new on each trip, and on this particular visit, we were fortunate to get a very close up view of the wild horses, which histroically we have only seen from a distance. It was a strange day in that fires burning in the okefenokee swamp had created a smoke haze for the early part of the trip, giving the views a nostalgic old fashioned feeling.

These cruises are popular with Williams House guests since you get to see shrimp boats, Fort Clinch from the river, Old Town and the Pippi Longstocking house, beaches, marshes, the port, the paper mill, Cumberland Island, wild horses, flying manta rays, dolphins, and in our case the Dungeness ruins. In addition there is a history lesson on from the early days of the island to the present made interesting by your hosts on the tour. It’s a liesurely tour with great views. There are three cruises daily including morning, mid day and sunset.

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