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Amelia Island Garden Show – Year 2

March 7th, 2011

Last weekend was the second annual flower and garden show on Amelia Island. We were blessed with beautiful weather near 80 degrees and sunny skies. Vendors include regular Farmer’s market vendors (held every Saturday morning) and additional and unique items. Crowds were good and in addition to the booths there was live music, food, whirlygigs, vegetables and fruit, pasta and italian gourmet specialties. Operating both Saturday and Sunday, it was a great time for Williams House guests to see a garden show and enjoy the local scenery. Deborah picked up some fill in plants for some of the winter damage and some new twists. We find garden beds a never ending story with some things doing well in Florida and others that struggle. There were some awesome flowers for just about anyone’s taste and plenty of variety. Attached below are a few colorful shots of the garden show activity and offerings.

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Amelia Island Williams House Carriage Rides

March 11th, 2011

Guests always enjoy meeting Boomer the carriage horse and are usually amazed at what and how much he eats. And Boomer always expects to be fed whether just passing by on a tour or taking Williams House guests for a ride. But he has such personality one can’t resist liking him and he does do a great and near automatic piloting job for the tours. This allows the driver (either Cindy or Nicole ) to tell the stories, histories and events that are so unique to Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach. So…if you are planning to visit with us at the Williams House, consider a historic carriage ride…we think you will enjoy it!

Amelia Island Concours D’Elegance – 2011

March 12th, 2011

The 2011 Concours D’Elegance or parade of elegance kicked off yesterday with a group of cars coming downtown to show a portion of what will be presented at the Amelia Island golf course on Sunday. There were plenty of options from Allard to Dusenberg, Ferrari to vintage race cars with something for every taste. Many proud drivers and owners were nearby to explain details of the restorations and their own car’s history. There was a good crowd on a beautiful but slightly cool day in downtown Fernandina Beach. The show continues today with the auction segment and tomorrow these cars and many more are displayed on the golf course for enthusiastic auto buffs and anyone who appreciates the finest in automotive design and restoration. We and most of the island’s lodging have been booked out for months and restaurants are mostly fully booked in advance. A great time to visit if you enjoy cars and the early start of Spring on Amelia Island.

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Spring Flowers on Amelia Island

March 24th, 2011

Springtime comes early most years on Amelia Island and this year is no exception. With temps in the mid eighties the past week everything seems to be blooming. The gardens around Williams House and all up and down city streets are letting mother nature appear in her full glory. Regardless of your color preference, you can find something to your taste. Of course along with the beautiful flowers comes loads of pollen and the leaf change over for our large live oaks. I’m not sure why they shed leaves in the spring instead of the fall like most other oaks, but they are in full leaf replacement mode and Byron has already done one large leaf sweep with more to come. 

Keeping the Koi pond clear is an hourly battle. We will be getting back to high 70 temps later this week and into next week, which is great since we aren’t quite ready for summer to begin this early. It’s a great time to visit on Amelia Island!