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Exploring Fort Clinch with Family

July 4th, 2011

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Byron’s brother Gary visited recently from Raleigh, NC and we had the opportunity to introduce him to one of our favorite local attractions, Fort Clinch, an historical Florida State Park. Started as part of the United States coastal defense system before the civil war, it never really saw action although Union soldiers occupied the fort during the war. It was worked on again as part of the 1930′s WPA projects as were many of these early forts.

Since then it has been worked on with volunteers and donations and is largely intact and complete. It is usually manned by at least one soldier in period uniform who will gladly enlighten you on what life was like in the fort during the 1860′s. On the first weekend of each month in the summer, reenactments are staged with larger numbers of soldiers joining the historic setting. There are numerous tunnel like alley ways to and from various parts of the fort, cannons atop the walls, gun turrets, a dry moat, powder rooms, officer and enlisted quarters, jail, kitchen and blacksmith shop. The fort is about four miles from the current Fernandina Beach historic district and sits at the northern most point of Amelia Island. There is beach access and a fishing pier within the park as well. Views north to the south end of Cumberland Island are available from atop the river side walls. We always encourage guests at the Williams House to find time to visit this little piece of history and try to imagine what life was like on Amelia Island in the 1800′s.

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Cinnamon at the Williams House

July 4th, 2011

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Hi - my name is Cinnamon.

I’m the resident cat at the Amelia Island Williams House. Byron and Deborah own the Williams House and they live here all the time. They don’t let me come inside because they say some guests may be allergic to me, but that’s OK cause its usually nice weather here in Florida. There are three houses here so I have some really cool or warm places to nap depending on the time of year. Usually you can find me along one of the porches. They have a courtyard with a fish pond and that is my favorite drinking fountain. I watch the fish, but don’t think I could catch them. I love being at the Williams House because they have people coming here to stay all the time and that means I get lots of petting and scratching and sometimes the guest will feed me or give me treats. There are squirrels here and I hear Deborah complaining about them eating the bird seed in the feeder. I tried to chase them up the huge oak tree in the courtyard, but I got stuck and it took me awhile to get back down. So now I just watch them.

Byron is a softy and keeps kitty treats by their front door. If I run fast enough and get to the door before him he will toss me a couple. Each morning I wait for them to get up and fix breakfast. Sometimes I get to sample breakfast casserole, but I’ve noticed if there are lots of people here I have to eat dry cat food. Deborah gave me some wet food one day and I’ve been hooked on it ever since. Of course I also need my milk after the main course!

The Williams House is really fun. They do special events like weddings. Sometime I like to walk down the sidewalk with the girl in the white dress. Byron is always waiting for her with some other people. They say a bunch of words, then everybody claps. They get on this pretty white carriage and go for a ride with Boomer, the carriage horse. He is really big and I try to stay out of the way for fear he’ll step on me. He eats even more than me! Deborah makes really good food for the party afterwards. My favorite is shrimp. After everyone eats and dances awhile they cut this really big cake and pass it out to the guests. Byron let me taste it once and now it’s one of my favorties.

Well, I see a car pulling up, so I must go see if some tender loving care can be had from the new arrivals. Oh they look real friendly. Now if they just have some treats………

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